DUALities is born from a particular vision of the world around us, perhaps because of having grown up in a multicultural family, which favors a broader perspective of our reality and allows us to see things from more complex points of views.

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This sample shows a selection of images taken since 2015, which in a single shot show two different realities of the same moment, being the observers vital experience and not the space they occupy in the image, key at the time to prioritize what will focus our attention.

Sometimes the message is clear; in others, multiple readings give images a deeper dimension. With these photographs I seek for a deeper thought on the topics discussed based on the perception and interpretation of the realities reflected in these DUALities, possibly as different as diverse are the observers.

This is an ongoing project with currently over 50 images.

Exhibition in Malaga (closed) Exhibition in Mijas (closed)Exhibition in Las Lagunas (closed) Exhibition in San Pedro (closed)Exhibition in Fuengirola (closed)